Where Do the Momma’s Boys Live in Boston? Check the Map

The folks at Lulu are back at it with a second map of area men’s best and worst characteristics broken down by neighborhood. The date-rating app allows female users to assign the men in their life a variety of hashtagged personality traits for all the world to see. The follow-up map looks at the profiles of men from Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Brookline, and Boston, and well, we can’t say they’re the most radically diverse ‘hoods in the Hub so the Lulu hashtags are relatively predictable.

Cambridge guys apparently get along great with your folks (#MothersLoveHim, #CanTalkToMyDad) according to Lulu’s data, while Brookline dudes win for eye candy (#TallDarkAndHandsome, #TotalPackage). Boston totally bro’s out (#CaptainFun, #OnlyWearsFratTanks) and grooming habits rank high in Somerville and Newton (#GreatHair, #ThreeDayStubble).


Notably absent from the map are Allston, Brighton, and South Boston, which may have given a broader sense of the younger demographic the app typically goes after. In the one-sheet sent over by Lulu, they note that the outcomes aren’t necessarily the most-used, but the “outliers in each town — or the hashtags that are more frequently used in one area than the other four.’’

Lulu says they see the academic life in the area to be a huge influence on the types of characteristics that rise to the top in certain neighborhood, writing:

Guys get praised for their #WorkEthic in Boston (home to schools like BU, Northeastern), their #PerfectGrammar in Somerville (home to Tufts), the ability to party in Brookline (home to BC), and skills with parents in Cambridge (home to MIT and Harvard).

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