Student’s Sweet Slam Poetry Chronicles Crushes and Coming Out

Steven Boyle’s tale of coming out at age 20 doesn’t miss a beat. The Penn State student’s slam poetry YouTube video is making the rounds, gaining acclaim for his heartfelt, honest and sometimes hilarious story of overcoming the fears surrounding social acceptance, a new crush, and self awareness after coming out of the closet.

The poem, entitled “I Hit Send, Or Modern Meltdown,’’ chronicles Boyle’s anxieties as he types a text, wondering if he comes across as flirting with a boy he has a crush on.

“I’m better with writing than talking sometimes, and if I talk I might mess up and I can’t edit or plagiarize,’’ Boyle’s poem says. “It should be easier now, everyone knows I like guys, but I freeze up every time I look into his eyes.’’


Boyle’s alternate answer: “Crotch.’’

The funny, poignant poem captures the confusion, anxiety, and excitement that comes with a first crush and is a refreshing afternoon break that’s worth a play — or two.

Bravo, Boyle.

h/t Indiewire

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