Something Beautiful Happens Inside One of Boston’s Ugliest Buildings

Boston City Hall and plaza.
Boston City Hall and plaza. –THE BOSTON GLOBE

Boston’s City Hall may not be the city’s most visually appealing building, but some City Hall workers are using a blog to show off something lovely that regularly happens up on the sixth floor.

The blog is called “Married in Boston’’ and it does not showcase the monotony of working life, but instead, weddings:

“It’s a story familiar to anyone who works at City Hall. You’re waiting for the elevator, the doors open, and a beautiful, modest couple is standing there. They’re nervous. A bouquet in hand, a beautiful dress, a suit. Or maybe just suits. They’re about to have one of the most important moments of their lives on the sixth floor of City Hall. They’re getting married.’’

City Hall started this blog starting with “the ninth anniversary of marriage equality,’’ and has taken some of the photos, but if you get married there you can submit your own photos as well.

Here was their trailer for the project:

Their blog is here.


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