Man Pops the Question With World’s Largest GPS Drawing

The holidays are upon us and, soon enough, a good deal of people in serious relationships will pop the question in front of friends and family. But before they do, we just wanted to make sure they all knew that their proposal ideas are terrible and not nearly elaborate enough.

That cute idea of making a “Will You Marry Me?’’ ugly Christmas sweater with the ring literally sewn into place above your heart simply won’t do. Why not? It’s all thanks to Yasushi Takahashi, an artist who quit his job in 2008, trekked across Japan with a GPS tracker, and used his travels to spell out a 4,451-mile long proposal.


She said yes, but only after Takahashi spent six months using cars, ferries, and his feet to transcribe “Marry Me’’ across the entire island of Japan, then added a heart with an arrow through it just for good measure. We’re sort of curious where his girlfriend was during this whole trip, but in the end she said yes, so she couldn’t have been too upset that her hubby vanished for half a year.

Of course, after all the engagement and wedding stuff, Takahashi got a bonus prize: The Guinness World Record for “largest GPS drawing’’ ever. As exciting as that must have been, it probably wore off quickly when Takahashi realized he would have to spend every day convincing his now-wife that his trip wasn’t at all about getting his name in the history books.

Good luck with that, buddy!

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