The most epic Love Letters of 2015

From boundary issues to spotting a friend’s husband on a gay dating app.

What is love? Depending on who you ask, it can be a partner you find in middle age, an insane sex life, or a rabbit hole of morning emojis. (As you can see, the answers vary.)

One thing we can all agree on? Love is epic.

For evidence, look no further than Love Letters, the “daily dispatch of advice for the lovelorn’’ that’s run on since 2009. Columnist Meredith Goldstein welcomes anyone seeking advice, and in 2015 we saw some colorful submissions: from one about a friend’s husband being spotted on a gay dating app to another about a sex drive that was dulled by an upcoming wedding.


Here are our favorite Love Letters from the past year.

10. My Girlfriend And Her ‘Black Hole Of Never-Ending Emojis’

Why we love it: Because we all know someone who communicates in modern-day hieroglyphics.

Choice quote: “I love receiving thoughtful good morning texts, and I too initiate those, but once initiated I feel I get sucked into a black hole of never-ending emojis, commentary on the most mundane things, and pictures of her meals – and on and on it goes.’’

9. My Girlfriend Practiced Polyamory

Why we love it: It’s earnest. It also navigates the choppy prospect of an open relationship.


Choice quote: “She’s a 9 or a 10 in every way. But her past lifestyle experience is vastly different from mine. She left an abusive husband five years ago and began a polyamorous lifestyle with ‘friends.’’’

8. Beard Advice For Lumbersexuals And Their Lovers

Why we love it: Because his beard smells bad.

Choice quote: “Help! His beard smells bad.’’

7. Planning A Wedding Has Killed My Sex Drive

Why we love it: Because such a confluence of stressors would freak anyone out, and Meredith’s ensuing advice is immediately actionable.

Choice quote: “I feel like Ryan Gosling could walk over and ‘hey girl’ me and I’d be all, ‘yeah, okay.’’’


6. She Taped Me Without My Knowledge

Why we (don’t) love it: Because this is terrifying.

Choice quote: “While sorting through things, I came across some camcorder tapes that were not labelled. I played them on an old camcorder and was shocked to find that they were all recordings of me from about 10 years ago, and obviously I was not aware that I was being recorded.’’

5. Is Our ‘Insane’ Sex Life Normal?

Why we love it: Humblebrag, much?

Choice quote: “This isn’t exactly a problem; it’s just something I’m not sure is normal or not. Our sex life is absolutely insane.’’


4. Confusion After A Ménage À Trois

Why we love it: Because setting boundaries in any relationship is important.

Choice quote: “Again, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but I don’t have any desire to add this to our repertoire of sexcapades.’’

3. My Friend’s Husband Is On Grindr

Why it’s a must-read: Because, man… this is a tough situation.

Choice quote: “Last night, Marissa’s little sister called me to tell me that one her friends had found Tom on Grindr (like Tinder for gay men, for anyone who doesn’t know).’’


2. I Gave Him A Rash

Why we love it: Because it talked about an uncomfortable topic in an open way.

Choice quote: “A few days after our whirlwind weekend together, he told me he had a rash and showed me. It looked exactly like mine.’’

1. Getting Over My Best Friend

Why we love it: Bananas.

Choice quote: “I met him early in 2014 and we starting hanging out weekly and then every day. Even if it was just to exchange bananas or give a hug.’’

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