Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Boston ranks as the best place to find love

Who’s the City of Love now?

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Still looking for someone to spend Valentine’s Day with? Don’t worry, you’ll find someone soon—at least, according to real estate site Zillow. Boston is the number one place to find love, per a study commissioned by the website.

Zillow looked at where to best find romance by taking into account the walkable areas with plenty of date spots, the amount of singles, and how well they can afford a night out.

Boston ranked number one, as 32 percent of the population identified as single, singles had an average disposable income (measured by a single person’s median income minus one-half of the median rent) of $2,448, and there were 52 date spots per 10,000 people.


Zillow broke down their info to another level, as well, looking specifically at the best places for gay males, lesbians, straight males, and straight females. On those metrics, Boston was the top place for lesbians to find love, the second best place for straight men and women, and the third best place for gay men.

Though Boston has a few fewer singles than San Francisco and New York City—the number two and three spots on the list respectively— our city’s singles’ extra disposable income really adds to the romance, apparently.

Zillow didn’t do a deep dive into the personality types of the available Boston singles—but hey, at least they can afford to take you to a nice restaurant.

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