Ben & Jerry’s played a sweet role in this couple’s engagement

"Once I showed her the pint and got down on one knee, it was pretty simple from there."

Angelo Orlando and Kelly Becker making ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont.
Angelo Orlando and Kelly Becker making ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont. –Courtesy of Angelo Orlando

This past September, newly-engaged couple Angelo Orlando and Kelly Becker traveled to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont. It was a special trip because the Vermont-based ice cream company played such a sweet role in their engagement.

Orlando, from Ballston Spa, N.Y., reached out to the ice cream makers earlier this year to acquire a special ice cream label to help him propose to his girlfriend of two years. Becker is a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, especially the mint chocolate chip, Orlando said. The company agreed.

So while 35-year-old Orlando, who is in service management, traveled to Vermont for business, he spent time at a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop in Burlington working with the staff to create the label.


Orlando came up with the name “Marry Me Mint” and the fake label included many aspects of the real Ben & Jerry’s labels — the rolling green lawn, the blue skies, and the cows — but also said “Congrats!” in the sky and “Kelly & Angelo” underneath the description of the ice cream.

The “Marry Me Mint” ice cream label Orlando created with Ben & Jerry’s. —Courtesy of Angelo Orlando

“At that point, I have the pint in hand and the whole premise behind everything,” Orlando said. “More or less it’s just organizing everybody [after that].”

He knew Becker, 28, would want her siblings there for the proposal, so Orlando decided he’d tell Becker they’d host a family cookout the weekend of June 29. Her siblings, of course, knew the real reason why they were coming to town.

Orlando went to his local Ben & Jerry’s the day before he proposed and had employees fill the dummy pint with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

When Becker’s siblings arrived on Friday night, Orlando suggested they all head to Price Chopper, the local grocery store, for snacks. Becker, who has been training in the state police academy (she graduates in November), was exhausted, but let her sister talk her into making a snack run — to Orlando’s relief.

“At that point, things are kind of playing out perfect,” Orlando said. “[It’s a] super casual night, simple, just family and significant others. She suspects nothing.”


While Becker chatted with her brother, Orlando and Becker’s sister headed for the ice cream aisle to plant the pint.

Once the ice cream was in place, Orlando sent a secret text to the rest of the group that he was ready for her and they brought her to the ice cream aisle. But when Orlando asked her to grab some ice cream, Becker unexpectedly told him, “I don’t want ice cream,” he said.

“So I ended up having to pull it out and say, ‘Hey, did you see this new flavor?'” said Orlando. “She was kind of stunned. She saw it and I don’t think it was registering. Obviously, then I started to pull out the ring.”

Orlando got down on one knee.

“At that point, it was just, ‘Will you marry me?” Orlando said. “Once I showed her the pint and got down on one knee, it was pretty simple from there.”

Becker said yes.

“It was kind of exactly the moment I was trying to create because she was completely surprised,” Orlando said. “And her siblings were there. I knew that was important.”

Kelly Becker and Angelo Orlando (second and third from left), with Becker’s siblings and their significant others in the ice cream aisle at Price Chopper where the couple became engaged. —Courtesy of Angelo Orlando

Orlando said he knew fairly quickly after meeting her that Becker was perfect for him. The couple met on the dating app Bumble in 2016.

“Everything just kind of fit, right from the beginning,” Orlando said. “Our conversations on Bumble were always funny and in-depth and we kind of played well off each other, our personalities.”

They met at a restaurant in Albany for their first date and spent more than three hours talking at the bar, he said. Now the couple are set to marry Oct. 13, 2019, in Lake George, N.Y.


Ben & Jerry’s invited the couple to the factory in late September, Orlando said. It was their first time at the factory, he said. During the visit, the couple made maple walnut ice cream and took a tour.

“It was a nice retreat and getaway for us,” Orlando said. “It was awesome. We had a ball.”