Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe to Re-Open!

Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe
Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe –DAVID L. RYAN/ GLOBE

Hey, remember back in June when we said you’d never be able to chow down on Charlie’s Cape Cod French Toast again? Looks like we might have been wrong. Deliciously, deliciously, wrong.

The Boston Globe reports that Chef Evan Deluty, who runs Stella in the South End, is “passing papers’’ on the Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe this week and plans to re-open the restaurant in 2015.

Big fan of the turkey hash? No worries: The menu and the 429 Columbus Avenue location will remain the same.

Brothers Arthur and Chris Manjourides closed the landmark joint June 28 after running the shop for several decades. The diner first opened in 1927, and many in the community were shocked and saddened at the news of its closing.


It’s not just a hit with the locals: President Obama even stopped by for a cheeseburger last June. (Maybe he’ll feel compelled to come back for a hot roast beef sandwich.)

Chef Deluty could not immediately be reached for comment.

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