Starbucks Tests Cold Brew in Some Boston Area Locations

–Gene J. Puskar/AP

Starbucks is finally jumping on the cold brew coffee train. An unofficial Starbucks blog named Starbucks Melody first reported a sighting yesterday, writing:

It’s a very small test in one district (in the Boston area) and the test is only slated to run for a few weeks. Partners are brewing core Ethiopia in a Toddy-system for cold brewing coffee. When it runs out for the day, they put stickers on the in-store signage saying that it’s out for the day.

Cold brew coffee is a time intensive, but labor light method that typically requires a 24-hour steep period, which may explain the “while supplies last’’ offering. During the process, coffee grounds are soaked for extended periods of time in cold water, resulting in low-acid, naturally sweeter brew. Some Starbucks locations currently sell the Toddy Cold Brew System, but whether or not stores will use the equipment to make the brew in-house is up for debate.

A commenter on the blog notes the iced coffee is currently available at the Cleveland Circle, which we confirmed this afternoon by phone. We’ve reached out to Starbucks PR for additional Boston area locations that will be part of the test market and will keep you posted.

h/t Grubstreet


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