Sichuan Garden ‘Overwhelmed’ by Outpouring of Support

Sichuan’s Brookline Village location
Sichuan’s Brookline Village location –The Boston Globe

On Tuesday, wrote about a lengthy email exchange between Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman and Ran Duan, whose family owns Sichuan Garden restaurants in greater Boston. To make a very long story short, Edelman ordered takeout, thought he was overcharged, and threatened legal action. (Read more about Edelman’s battle with Sichuan Garden here.)

Sichuan Garden released the following statement to We have posted the full text below:

We have been overwhelmed with the response and support that has flooded our way. It means the world to know that there are still good people in this world. We have been contacted by people from California all the way to Australia offering kind words and support. I have been attempting to keep up with writing back personally and thanking each and every one of you. We have been offered donations, free services, including website services and legal advice, which I kindly denied.

I just want to make clear that we are not a business in financial distress. We have been blessed with the support of our amazing community and hospitality family that has understood the value of a hard working family. Your support and kind words are more then enough.

I have received overwhelming support from Harvard graduates and the student body. I believe that one man’s actions should not be the burden of another. I just want to apologize to Harvard for all the negative association they have been linked with this ordeal. I also believe that something good can come out of all this situation.

I support Jon Staff and will contribute to the Greater Boston Food Bank. I appreciate all the support and increase in business we have received but you need to realize we are just one of thousands of small establishments that need your support. I ask you to not just support us but your neighborhood establishments also, your local take-out restaurant, a bodega/market down the street. If we stick together and support our local community we will grow together as a community.

I kindly ask all media inquiries to respect our customers and our business hours. My number one priority is to our guests and the experience they receive at our establishments.


Ran Duan, on behalf of Sichuan Garden

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