MealPass, a new daily meal service, launches in Boston

For a flat fee of $99 a month, members can choose to eat lunch at one of over 50 restaurants each day. It’s like ClassPass, but for your midday meal.

If you hate packing a lunch—as well as spending time and money procuring it daily—then this one’s for you: MealPass, a new service launching in Boston on Wednesday night, is offering lunch each day from over 50 restaurants in downtown Boston for a flat fee of $99 per month.

Co-founder Mary Biggins was one of the original founders of ClassPass, which allows its members to pick-and-choose workout class at participating studios for a monthly fee. Biggins, a Sudbury native, came up with the idea for MealPass with her co-founder (and Colby College roommate), Katie Ghelli.


“In college we’d look online, like, ‘What does Dana [Dining Hall] have? What does Foss have?’’’ Biggins said. “We thought, wait, what would it be like if this is the restaurant version of the Colby College dining halls?’’

MealPass co-founders Katie Ghelli and Mary Biggins.

Through MealPass, over 50 downtown restaurants will offer one lunch per day. Starting at 7 p.m. the night before, members can go online to peruse the menu, which will feature rotating selections from the participating restaurants and photos of the next day’s options.

“All photos are actual photos of the meal, shot by professional photographers, so people know exactly what they’re getting,’’ Biggins said. “I’m a picky eater—I hate when you get something and it’s not what you were picturing.’’

Members can place an order anytime before 9:30 a.m. that day, specifying a pickup time so they can skip waiting in line.

As of launch, all the participating restaurants are downtown. Biggins said MealPass plans to expand to other areas of the city, though she couldn’t offer a timeline.

While the full list isn’t available yet, some participating restaurants include Chicken & Rice Guys, Cocobeet, Hennessy’s, and Wheelhouse.


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A burger from Hennessy’s, offered with MealPass membership.


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