The landmark sign for Newton’s South Pacific Chinese Restaurant was removed Tuesday

In Newton’s Four Corners, people have been familiar with the old relic for decades.

South Pacific Chinese Restaurant in Newton sign

Those who pass through Newton may find it looks a little different this week.

The South Pacific Chinese Restaurant on Beacon Street closed its doors in 2012, according to the Newton TAB, and its bright neon sign had stood as a landmark at Newton’s Four Corners for decades. (Commenters on the Facebook page remember trips to the restaurant as far back as the late 1950s.) Newton Police shared a picture on Twitter of the sign coming down Tuesday.

The tiki restaurant garnered a large fanbase. When it closed, it spurred a memorial page on Facebook that has posted throughout the past four years with comments remembering the dishes and suggestions for other Chinese restaurants that may compare.


The page also frequently posts user-submitted photos of the neon sign and even fan art of the emblem.

“Hey Alumnus,” the memorial page’s Wednesday morning post begins. “Looks like a bunch of new folks found [this page] this week with the removal of the sign. While we’re all deep in mourning, anyone care to share a shot of them enjoying a SoPo meal?”

Though the sign may be gone, the memories—and Facebook memorial page—of the South Pacific Chinese Restaurant live on.

Corrected 5/25/16 1:24 p.m.: This article has been updated to reflect the fact that the Newton Police shared the news of the South Pacific sign coming down but did not take the sign down themselves.

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