This exclusive lobster roll is only available by request

The Colossal Lobster Roll.
The colossal lobster roll. –Legal Sea Foods

Legal Sea Foods’s Legal Harborside location will start offering a colossal lobster roll Friday night. However, you wouldn’t know if you simply headed to the Seaport restaurant and opened a menu—the dish is only available by request.

If that doesn’t sound exclusive enough, the restaurant will only make five orders per evening, and will only serve it to customers seated on the second level.

So what’s in that bad boy? Meat from a  2 1/2-pound lobster, poached and dressed in tarragon crème fraîche. It’s topped with shaved summer truffles and wrapped up in a house-made brioche bun, served with a side of truffle fries.

The hefty roll also carries a hefty price tag: $59.

Correction: This article has been updated to correct the weight of the lobster meat used in this roll. The previous version incorrectly stated that the roll contains 2.5 pounds of lobster meat. regrets the error.