Redd’s in Rozzie to close after seven-year run

Clockwise from left: farmhouse omelet with buttermilk biscuit and home fries, Anson Mills heirloom grits, Bloody Mary, Campari soda, Victoria pancake, sticky bun, and waffle torta.

Redd’s in Rozzie opened in April 2011, bringing natural, local, farm-raised meats and produce, organic and biodynamic wines, and bingo and movie nights to Roslindale’s Washington Street. The business was owner and chef Charlie Redd’s dream — he began saving for it as a line cook in 2002.

On Monday morning, Redd announced that Redd’s in Rozzie will close this summer.

“I fought harder [than] anyone I know to own it individually, run it to the best of my ability, and try to balance my standards while nurturing the team,” Redd wrote in an impassioned statement shared on social media. “I don’t want to close this popular, profitable, special little neighborhood restaurant, but the City of Boston is not giving me another option.


Owner Charlie Redd.

Redd wrote that “this restaurant is closing because the largest asset of this business, the liquor license, is going to be devalued tremendously by a Boston City Council initiative” that is going “to flood Boston with free liquor licenses.”

Redd didn’t hold back his thoughts on the new legislation.

“These type of drastic changes in restaurant licensing in neighboring areas have wiped out the value of licenses and I refuse to let that happen to my life savings,” he wrote. “The license has been sold and will be moved out of Roslindale.  I have invested all I have into this restaurant, but I will not consciously lose everything because these city politicians wish to change how restaurants work without listening or considering the restaurants that made this square what it is.

“Redd’s in Rozzie should not have to close, but it is,” Redd continued. “I am proud of what I built here and feel we are leaving Roslindale before we have achieved what we could achieve, but so be it.”

Redd’s in Rozzie.

On a brighter note, Redd added that the restaurant’s shuttering will be turned into a celebration.

“I look forward to running Redd’s in Rozzie into July for another month with our complete focus on making your last experiences with us the best you ever had,” he said.