Hojoko in Fenway has won Julian Edelman’s beard trimmings

The restaurant will put them on display.

Julian Edelman
A bearded Julian Edelman. –Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Julian Edelman’s beard has a new owner.

The team at Hojoko made the Super Bowl MVP’s beard trimmings their own when they placed a winning bid of $8,500 in an online charity auction, Boston Magazine reports.

Earlier this month, Edelman let Ellen Degeneres shave his beard on her show. She offered to donate $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Boston to do the honors, which Edelman matched. Degeneres then put the trimmings, as well as signed photo of her shaving Edelman, up for auction to further benefit the youth organization.

“When we saw [the beard] went up for auction, we thought we could support Julian, support the Boys & Girls Club of Boston, and just have fun with the whole thing,” Nancy Cushman, co-owner of the Fenway restaurant, said. “He’s been such a big supporter of ours, so we thought we would pay it forward for him as well.”


On more than one occasion, Edelman has said Hojoko has one of his favorite burgers in Boston, and Cushman told BoMag he’s a regular.

Though Hojoko’s team is not sure exactly what they’ll do with the facial hair yet, it will go on display at the restaurant.

“We will be keeping it in a tightly sealed container, so there’s no ‘Waiter, there’s a Julian-Edleman’s-beard-hair in my soup,’” Cushman said.

Hojoko is in the process of putting together a charity event to celebrate the acquisition and do more for the Boys & Girls Club. The team will share more information about the event, as well as when they put the beard on display, on social media.


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