Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The best gifts for pets and pet owners

Your canine companions will be wagging their tails at these holiday gifts.

A Christmas biscuit box from Boston Barkery.
A Christmas biscuit box from Boston Barkery. Boston Barkery

Honestly? Finding the best gifts for pets of all types this holiday season isn’t that hard. Your canine companion will happily accept whatever you’re eating at any given moment as the greatest gift known to dog-kind, while your cat will ignore whatever you wrapped up for it and play with the box or gift bow instead.

It’s when you have to buy a holiday gift that pleases both pets and their owners that things can get difficult. After all, their fur babies only deserve the very best.

Below, we’ve compiled five of the best gifts for pets and pet owners, with an eye toward highlighting local companies that are experts at pampering our four-legged friends.

Handmade treats from Polkadog

It’s been quite the journey for Polkadog co-founders Deb Suchman and Rob Van Sickle. What began as a small-batch treat-making operation in a cramped South Boston kitchen is now a treat company that ships worldwide from a 14,000 square-foot facility at the Boston Fish Pier. What hasn’t changed is the handmade treats, which contain only the freshest ingredients from trusted local food suppliers like Teddie Peanut Butter and Walden Local Meat. Their website helpfully sorts treats into categories like crunchy, chewy, and single-ingredient. If you really want to up your local cred, grab a bag of the Clam Chowda treats to give your dog a taste of the sea (and a good source of lean protein). $11 and up

Grooming at The Pet Cabaret

The Pet Cabaret in Roslindale has been a haven for pets of all stripes for decades, selling toys, treats, and other pet-care essentials such as grooming services. You can book a grooming session with a Pet Cabaret employee to have your pooch looking puppy-fresh, or reserve a self-grooming station if you want to do the job yourself but are tired of battling your four-legged friend in the bathtub at home. There’s even a special skunk bath service for those putrid emergencies. $25 and up

A Christmas-themed squeaky toy from Chewy

Online pet retailer Chewy has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding in 2011, with hundreds of employees now spending their days making sure pet owners are satisfied at the company’s “second headquarters” in Fort Point. Their 2022 pet gift guide is extensive, and includes everything from the best gifts for pets who love to fetch, dogs who are a bit anxious, and dogs who like to solve puzzles. To keep things simple (and seasonal), we’d recommend this Christmas-themed squeaky toy — though a we have a hunch that dogs will enjoy it equally year-round. $10

Make your own treats with a dog bone baking tray

There are lots of high-quality pet treats available both locally and nationally, but sometimes it feels good to be 100% certain you know exactly what goes into your dog’s snacks. With the Dog Bone Treats Pan from Williams Sonoma, you can whip up a batch of treats that look exactly like they came out of a box, but with all of your own ingredients. You could also amuse your friends by baking them some human cookies in the shape of a dog bone, too. $24.99

A holiday treat box from Boston Barkery

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, the Boston Barkery has a gift for you. The local company’s biscuit boxes come in 14 varieties, and contain treats made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients. Feel free to think outside the (holiday gift) box and grab a collection of treats designed for Red Sox fans, brunch lovers, or the city of Boston in general. $16.99 and up


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