Ski Guru

Lunch break:

It is 11:27 AM.

VT Cows are dining on lunch
An AC/DC anthem rocks the stock speakers.
There is a carload waiting for you to pull out of your spot. They happen to be holding up an irritated procession of traffic in a poorly managed and over crowded parking lot. Some bearded dude is standing around freezing, instead of doing his job. He only has it for the free season pass.
You got to the mountain for first tracks. Realistically, the 30th loaded chair up the slope. Take heart, you slept an hour longer than the person on the 5th. The lift is not your first choice, but an uphill ride on the morning of a snow day.
You get the powder.
Plenty. Multiple runs of silent, floating, rhythmic turns.
Broke trail across the ridge, hard work, but there first. The snow was still undisturbed. Shoveling out of the top lift shack had not yet begun. Breathes. Memories of the terrains nuances flash during your descent.
Scar it up.
Help shovel out the chair.

33 minutes till noon. You head to your vehicle and pack it up. The vertical has been noteworthy. Still morning, there is daylight galore left over and an afternoon in front of you. The off mountain variety has the best burritos in the valley.
$5 later and at home, you stoke the fire up.
What to do next?
photo – S.G.