Hold your horses

Winter is not done yet.

These past few days it has begun to feel a lot like springtime. Do not get used to it. This weekend the mountains of New England are looking to pick up another shot of fresh snow and the timing could not be better.

Saturday is Saint Patrick’s Day!

Do you really want to be sitting in Boston with a million other knuckleheads?

Need some additional encouragement: POWDER SKIING RETURNS

the Bear Mountain deck at Killington is a favorite spring right of passage


There was a time when I worked at a ski area. While there I learned to breath, eat, sleep think, dream, live, and pray for snow. I thought about it all the time, kept up on the weather, got very excited and also felt much disappointment. I used to joke to folks that I was on my fifth major religion by February. Of course, prayers still unanswered.
But that is when the snow falls. Right when you give up. Spring snowstorms strike when they are least expected. If there is one thing for certain in New England it is that the weather will change. Year after year some of the finest ski days have come on the edges of the season (beginning and end).
This year, Spring will be King!
Here are some of the reasons why I think the mountains get buried this Friday.
• People have already quit on the season
• Temps are going to be in the sixties this week
• There is still a month of skiing ahead of us in New England
• The second half of March looks to be very good for snow and cold air
• We are due for a big spring season
• The early daylight savings time has people jumping the gun on Spring
• There is still more than a week of winter left to get through, technically
• Old Man Winter and Mother Nature are not leaving the party without a fight
• All the snow and most of the ice in the city has finally melted
• Windows in restaurants are beginning to open to the sidewalks
• The ski areas are still in very good shape
get dressed up this spring and have some fun


Saint Patrick’s Day is the last real (unsanctioned) ski holiday of the season. We did not have much to work with early, but the later half has been great. This is your time to get out and take advantage of all the monies that resorts spent on snowmaking in January and February. Any natural snow is a bonus and I get the feeling we are in for a good blast of fresh this weekend.
If there was more hype about this system I would be less enthusiastic. Honestly, I can see this one sneaking up on everyone. People are thinking Spring Break. The S.G. is thinking about two feet of fresh powder on the slopes.
The Day Light Savings switch: Getting the extra few weeks of additional sunshine this year is huge. Visibility is a very important aspect of skiing. Early in the season it is almost dark when the lift stops turning at 4:00 pm. This weekend one can still work on the tan as you relax on a deck with a cold beverage after a day of smashing around in soft moguls.
The one thing you always have to be = Ready.
Conditions Update: Yes, there was rain last weekend. It happened, so I feel comfortable writing about it. And we will get more, but hopefully nothing big anytime soon in the mountains. Even better, the slopes took it on the chin and are still in the game. It was not a very damaging event. The skiing is still very good in New England. Throw a snowstorm on top (this Friday 3/16) and YOU Will WANT to be Skiing or Riding with the luck of the Irish. Check this link for base depths and open terrain, LINK.
If you do not have plans to head north this weekend for Saint Patrick’s Day start making them. If you already have plans for something else, break them. Weekends like the one that is on tap are why we ski in New England. Obviously, I have extremely high hopes for this weather system.
the S.G. in soft spring bumps on Outer Limits last year

I will make the call now… WE GET CLUBBED! Powder skiing for all of New England this weekend! Enjoy the warm temperatures over the next few days, they will not last.
I am going up to the slopes to GET SOME!
What about you?

pictures (last spring at Killington) – S.G.