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Green Light = Get Moving!

Here is why I am heading to Killington, VT for MLK Weekend.

Reason #

1. 4” – 8” Friday
2. Snowmaking System = Full Throttle
3. Covered Lifts
4. 8” – 10” Saturday night (fingers crossed)
5. Football watching venues Sunday
6. Monday morning Groomies

looking down Centerpiece – 03/18/07


Breaking Snowmaking News: Man Made Avalanche takes place on Lower Ovation. No one was hurt or needed rescue. The winch cat will be getting some use…
Fact: The Trail Count will continue to spike.
It went from 71 to 106 during the day on Wednesday.
The snowstorm on Friday should be a quick hit, daytime event. With any luck, the Interstate surfaces will be cleared and traffic free by 7:00 pm (knocking on wood now).
Groomers on Wednesday 1/16 – hand out photo, Killington


There are only two real questions:
• How much snow will we get by Sunday morning?
• Where am I going to be on Sunday at 3:00 pm?
It is a green light to the second tallest peak in the Green Mountain State.
Think Snow!
Drive and Ski Safely, please.
Pictures ~ S.G. unless noted otherwise
Taken as I was packing it up on 3/18/07, it was another Powder Day after a random 15″ drop. Only the Green mountains picked up on the tail of that storm. The same this weekend?