President’s Day Ski Weekend

New England is looking at a great ski weekend. Conditions will be very good at many resorts. You should definitely figure out how to get north.

Packed Powder Prevails: The truth is many areas saw rain Wednesday, but they also all picked up good snows first. Anything groomed will be spectacular early in the morning. The other stuff (not groomed) will soften with time as the yahoo’s get to it.

The areas further north in the Greens and Whites faired best with the changeover. Some even got ALL SNOW – like Jay Peak, reporting 14” in 48 hours and gearing up for more this weekend…


this picture of Brian Keet taken Wednesday courtesy of Jay Peak, VT


Weekend ski weather looks good.
• Snow in the forecast Friday night.
• Cold but sunny on Saturday, mountain temperatures will be single digits and negative at some spots.
• Sunday will warm up considerable and the afternoon skies will start storming. Looks like a mixed bag right now…it is New England.
President’s Day Deals: There are none. It is a holiday period.
S.G. Info: I am a history buff. Here is a LINK that might help you look smart in front of others when talking about President’s Day.
Have Fun & Ski Safe. It will be busy.
Think Snow,

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