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This Weekend is a Washout

Unless you plan to travel all the way to The Great White North (Canada), the chances are that you may not see any snow until Sunday.

Unfortunately folks it looks like the majority of the New England ski mountains are in for the dreaded “R” with some Icing occurring and the lucky places will get a bag full of “Wintery Mix” in general, not good news.

The view of the Eagle’s Eye Summit Restaurant, the top of the Gondola, & CPR Ridge at Kicking Horse on Saturday 3/1


Here is a LINK to updated storm information.
Best bets for the most snow would be the northern most ski areas in VT.
In addition, they are really looking at backlash on Sunday. I think it is safe for places north of Sugarbush/Mad River Glen to anticipate 6-12 inches (by end of day Sunday).
Anywhere else though will be presenting some tricky snow surfaces, especially if it does ice (all rain would probably actually be better for immediate skiing this weekend, ice better for long term).
Another problem is that travel will be difficult at best. If you can get Monday off that is probably the day to ski, albeit way up north. The rains should start tonight and go well into Saturday. Eventually (keeping my fingers crossed) it may all change over to snow on Saturday night.
All that considered the S.G. is not going to ski this weekend. Still riding on the good vibe from my trip to Kicking Horse and I feel that torturing myself via what I just mentioned above could ruin it. I am going to roll the dice that by next weekend things will have improved.
If you are heading to the mountains, please ski and drive safely. Keep hope for snow, maybe something happens and this storm does decide to make a hard right turn…
This is a great clip of our friend T-bone ripping with some tired legs (afternoon of the 3rd day) on the lower mountain of Kicking Horse. The trail is called “Show Off” – no kidding. Notice how he hones in on the rock about half way down the run and nails it…good Friday stuff.

Think Big Spring Snow,
pic & vid ~ S.G.



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