The Heavenly Flyer

This is pretty darn cool and worth a look.

Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, CA has installed a new ride. It is a huge zip wire. Like the one kids use in backyards. It is 3000 feet long and hits speeds of 50 mph.

That is awesome!

courtesy of Heavenly, CA

From the clip; I imagine this is a year round attraction.
S.G. Note – When I was skiing out there a few years ago I took a few runs with the narrator. Good gent, funny. Many moons ago he used to be in charge of Sugarbush, VT.
I only bring this up because of the emphasis put on the claim of having the…
“The Most Spectacular and the Most Scenic adventure ride IN THE WORLD.”
Wicked Awesome! Love stuff like this…
Think Snow,

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