Weekend Weather Outlook

Spring has arrived in force. The warm air will encompass the ski area of New England this weekend. It should be a pretty darn good weekend for skiing.

The spring is the time of year when you can really get a good deal on lift tickets, lodging, or both. I would suggest looking around the conditions page at some areas you are interested in and then checking out their websites.

This past Sunday was a great Spring Day at Cannon, NH – looking down the Profile trail to the base area.


Friday – Areas further south will get some rain. The northern ones will see either a sping mix or all snow. IMHO we are really looking at a mix. The good news is that the rain is not really going to hurt the snow packs. They have been melting all week, so they are already wet.
Saturday – There will be clouds hanging around from the system that rolls through on Friday. It is possible that they will sprinkle a few scattered rain showers across some of the mountains in the morning. By lunchtime, everyone should be dry. That is unless you fall on the slopes. Clouds should give way to clear skies Saturday afternoon into the evening for the majority of ski areas in New England.
Sunday – This is the GEM! Temperature should climb into the 50’s even at places as far north as Sugarloaf, ME and Jay Peak, VT. Take your time and enjoy a fantastic Spring Skiing Day! Who cares if you get home a little late Sunday night. It will be worth it!
The weekend package: It is not going to be cold enough for the snow surfaces to freeze.
What this means for you = Soft, edge-able, sloppy snow.
Notes: Tree skiing is done and grooming may be difficult (when it gets too soft they cannot drive the machines on top).
Lots of soft spring bumps and sunshine prevailing the later half should make this weekend a winner. Enjoy!
Have Fun and Be Safe,

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