Luggage: Plane Ride Update

Airlines raising prices has been a hot topic. Be careful this year on your destination trip. Bottom line is the penalties will get expensive quickly so look into the carriers policies before locking in your ticket.

Five out of the last 6 times I have flown (for mountains) I have not brought my skis with me. It is easier to demo at the resort. Budget about 125 dollars for this piece of the trip. Do your homework and call around ahead of your arrival to reserve some gear. Tell your friends to do the same.

The last place I brought my skis to was Moonlight Basin, MT. Back then, the completely over stuffed ski and boot bags were free as one piece of luggage. If I tried that this year I am certain there would be a cost or plenty from the airline.


Pros for bringing your own gear
• Dragging skis or a snowboard around in an airport will allow strangers to start conversations with you
• If you call for a cab tell them you have the gear, and request a van
• You will have your stuff on the snow once there
Cons for bringing your own gear
• It can get lost
• It will slow you down
• If you are not careful it can cost you extra $
• You have to drag it back home
Thinking outside box – or shipping one? I had a friend try to ship his snowboard to Canada last season. Be warned, it is not easily accomplished internationally. There are “Luggage Shipping Companies” that do this. Just spend a little time searching the WWW to find one you like. The SG cannot recommend this approach. Even domestically, it is not affordable compared to the cost of a three or 4-day demo.
Did you know: Ski boots can be carried on a plane at no cost and not in a bag, just Velcro the power straps together and go…(assuming also true for snowboard boots)
Overall – Majority of us are not affected. Airlines will still allow a ski bag and a boot bag per ticket as the 1st piece of checked luggage (careful about weight restrictions). That will still be free on most.
Thinking Snow,

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