New & Free ~ Late Night Shuttle

Two weekends past, I was up at Killington. Third run on Saturday the 10th is when I tweaked my back. No fall, just a turn that did not agree.

It put me on the shelf for 9 days.

It was strange because almost every other time the back has gone out there was a distinct moment and action the lead to the surprise burst of pain. This time it crept up on me and I was caught in the middle of a run contemplating on how I was going to limp to the base lodge and eventually get home.

covered with snow in January 2009


After departing the K1 gondola and snapping on the skis, gravity entered the equation. Lack of attention (messing with zippers and Velcro) led to hooking a woman’s snowboard with the left ski tip. Complete 360 and a save…nice.
S.G. = 100% at fault for incidental contact. Some quick apologies, then off…
Thinking back on it, that was only time all day I was in an awkward position…I reckon it may have been the move that caused the issues soon to follow.
Two – lights out – runs later, my back left the building.
Bummer: The conditions on Saturday were fantastic and my day cut short
More Bumming: Snow Saturday Night…
Sunday Morning was perfect – Sunshine, cold air, and 8 inches of Champaign pah-pow grounded
All day Sunday: Back is a mess – in transit back to Hub
Still Bugging: The S.G lives for days on the mountain as Sunday January 11 was. Had to take a pass and put myself on the PUP list…
Misleading Claim: Everyone I spoke with the skied that Sunday said it was genius. If we see four more days in New England that good, we should all be cheerful.
Extra Kick when already down: I actually had some great clips from the helmet cam. Footage of all the action until the early quitting time. While messing with the recorder the footage was accidentally deleted.
In the Growler trees to the skiers left of Outer Limits


We’ll have more on updates soon. In the meantime, have a tidbit of what is new at Killington.
Long Trial Brewery and Killington Resort have teamed up to provide a Free Shuttle Service. This one is for the owls that revel in one of best nightlife scenes anywhere in ski country.

Release of details From Resort: The free Long Trail Ale Late-Night Shuttle operates daily from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. providing transportation to and from the properties along East Mountain Road and Killington Road terminating at the Marble Valley Regional Transit Center at 1:45 a.m. Saturday evenings and during selected holiday periods, an additional Late-Night Shuttle will operate from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., ending at the Marble Valley Regional Transit Center at 2:15 a.m.

Think Snow,
pics ~ S.G.
A look at the brand new High Speed – Skye Peak Express quad.


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