New Snow for the Mountains?

Is it just me or has it been snowing in Aspen every time I have taken a look at the television to watch the Winter X Games? Good for all those folks out in CO but we could use a little here at home.

Snow News: The headline on AccuWeather is that Heavy Snows and Ice are heading to the mid-Atlantic and North East states. They already have an accumulation map up that shows a large swath in the 6 to 12 inch range. Hit this LINK to learn more.

Suagarbush was making snow on Stein’s Run all weekend long


Current Conditions: The S.G. skied Sugarbush this weekend. The snow surfaces there were in good shape. One can assume that all across New England skiers and riders were experiencing much of the same.
The cold air has prevented melting and provided many opportunities for ski areas to make snow, resurfacing trails. Skier and rider traffic has had an impact on slopes, most notably the steeper terrain. As more and more people have hit the same lines since the last natural snow, things have started to get a little bony. Bony is a different way of saying variable. Variable means everything from powder to rocks and ice. When trails are skiing with Variable Conditions, it is imperative to make precise turns and execute them on snow. The margin for error becomes extremely limited.
If this midweek snow event turns out to be a significant then you can pretty much forget everything you just read. New England areas should get a nice dose of much needed natural snow on Tuesday and into Wednesday.
With only a week left in January, if areas get anything more that 6 inches of snow it would solidify a very substantial first half for the 08/09 season.
Happy Monday – more later…
Think Snow,
pic – S.G.

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