Is it back to Normal again New England?

Attention: There is a large swath of snow that should drop more than a foot of accumulations on our regions mountains!

The S.G. did not make it to the slopes this past weekend. My cousin got married. That event took up the first half of the weekend. It did not snow enough to lure me away from the Hub for the second half. Here is what I heard from the people that did make it to the slopes.

Last Weekends Reports: The prevailing conditions were hard pack, frozen granular, ice, veggies and minerals aside. Sunday featured piles of madmade snow with all the aformentioned inbetween. The weather was nice! So at least it was not a total loss.


Looking Ahead:
Families who took the week and spent it north look to be in a front row seat for some phenomenal powder days.

Best bet looks like Thursday. The weekend has a lot of potential.

radar image form AccuWeather


Check this link for current mountain Conditions.
Fact: There is New Snow in the forecast! The mountains are hoping for some big accumulations. The urban areas will see a wintery mix, but at least enough white cover should stick around to hide the ugliness that has crept up in the forms of trash and dead lawns.
Long Range Luck: The S.G. will pretty much guarantee a major New England snow event for the last weekend of February into the first day of March. That is the weekend I will be on the annual destination trip. This year the target is Jackson Hole, WY.
Check this out: View image of Corbet’s Coulior from JHMR, taken 2/15/09
Basis for Luck: Last year at the same time I was out in Kicking Horse, BC and…New England had one of the best powder weekends of the season.
Stay tuned – there is a lot going on (deals, snow, events) and the blog will be updated again tonight with more.
Think Snow!

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