Deals from Killington (now thru Friday 3/6)

The S.G. mentioned the new page Killington put up on their website called Deal Grabber a few blog entries ago. The resort is standing pat on what they have advertised and continues to add new ways for skiers and riders to save serious coin.

Snow Stats: Killington reported 19 inches form the storm on Sunday. They have seen 39″ of new white stuff over the last seven days. So far this season = 245 inches, and counting…

video from Killington shot on 2/23/2009

This is what Killington is offering for deals in the weeks ahead.
Hit this link to get to the Deal Grabber and purchase online before these savings are sold out!

This week’s Deal Grabber Sale starts at 8:00am Monday, February 23, 2009 with the following offers. Offers are available until sold out or Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 7:00pm.
Lift Tickets
2-Day Ticket, Saturday 2/28/09 and Sunday 3/1/09 – $110
Only 1000 Tickets Available
1-Day Ticket, Monday 3/2/09 – $45
Only 250 Tickets Available
1-Day Ticket, Tuesday 3/3/09 – $42
Only 100 Tickets Available
1-Day Ticket, Wednesday 3/4/09 – $42
Only 100 Tickets Available
1-Day Ticket, Thursday, 3/5/09 – $45
Only 250 Tickets Available
1-Day Ticket, Friday, 3/6/09 – $50
Only 500 Tickets Available

Take advantage of these, you really are running out of time and excuses. March is next week!
Enjoy the pow pow,


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