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The Sunday/Monday Snowstorm absolutely reeked havoc on the S.G.’s travel plans. It also gave the New England ski areas a much needed shot of powder. The areas further south in NH and East in MA caught the windfall getting double digit totals.

This link will show where the best snows fell (note: sort with the “last modified” tab at the top). NOAA Snow Maps

Fact: March is the BEST month to ski and ride in our region.

the S.G. hitting the Tower Three Chute at Jackson Hole on 2/28

The clocks turn forward an hour this Sunday and that = lots of extra daylight. Whether it is for après ski on Saturday or the ride home Sunday the extra light is all good…
Temperatures are going to remain well below normal for the rest of this week and that is a blessing for all the warriors out there heading north on Friday. Two things are going to happen midweek if it does stay cold enough, both bode well for us.
• Less traffic on the slopes equates to more fresh stashes
• Cold temperatures will keep the snow dry and fluffy
Check out Conditions to see how your favorite resorts faired.
In the meantime the S.G. is still sifting through the video and pictures captured at Jackson Hole this past week. The feeling is refreshing; having skied at such an impressive resort under more than ideal conditions takes time to resonate. Some of what will hit this blog in the next few days will serve as testament to that statement.
Looks like this is going to be a good weekend for skiing in New England. Especially the joints that chimed in with a foot or more of snow in the last several days.
Hoping for another snowstorm – soon!

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