Jiminy Peak’s Spring Fling

This weekend on Saturday March 21st Jiminy Peak is hosting a Spring Fling. This is a day up in Hancock, MA that has something for everyone! If you have been thinking about switching gears from the normal weekend trek north this is your ticket. The Berkshires have always been a nice option for a weekend getaway.

The Spring Fling – Cardboard Box Derby! Bikini Slaloms! Pond Skimming!

• Registration begins at 8:30 am EDT in the Upper Courtyard of Village Center.
• Entry for all events is free of charge!
• Must be pre-registered at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each event.

Here is the schedule as seen on Jiminy Peak’s website.

10:00 am Cardboard Box Derby, on Lower Slingshot trail, near Christiansen’s Tavern and the Summit Triple lift.
Box Derby Rules:
• No metal anywhere in the vehicle
• Only cardboard and/or tape in contact with the snow
• All team members must ride in the box
• Helmets required
• Have fun and be creative!
Prizes award for fastest, slowest and most creative boxes!
12:30 pm – Bikini Slalom, 180 trail
Bathing suit must be worn and completely visible during race.

Top 3 racers, male/female categories

1:00 pm – Snoopy race, 180 trail
For ages 4-7
Top 3 racers, boys/girls categories
1:00 pm – Jiminy Peaker Race on 180 trail –
For ages 8-12
Top 3 racers, boys/girls categories
1:30 pm – Pond Skimming, Alex’s Park
Those who skim the entire length of the pond and come to a complete stop without falling will qualify to become Jiminy’s Pond Skimming Champion. An audience favorite will also be crowned. (Bathing suit recommended!)
2:45 pm – Pie Eating Contest, Crane Patio –
Open to all, it’s a no hands race to the bottom! Blueberry Pie with whipped cream – come hungry! Fastest to the bottom wins!
3:30 pm – Spring Fling Awards, JJ’s Patio
Prizes for Cardboard Box Derby winners (there are also prizes for slowest box and most original so make sure you come to the awards even if you weren’t the fastest!), all races, pie eating contest and the audience will determine the “gaper” of the day from our Retro Day contest!


That is a Full Day on the Slopes! Looks like the sun will be shining to boot!
Hit Jiminy Peak this Saturday for the Spring Fling!
Think Snow,

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