Spring – The State of the Slopes

Here we are nestled into mid-April. The New England ski areas have not seen any substantial snow events for weeks. However, the mountains are still offering plenty of spring snow surfaces to turn on.

As of today, Good Friday, there were still 16 resorts twisting the chairs in New England.

Most of them are still operating on over 75% of their terrain. These are the big players in the game who place a premium on making snow. That effort, coupled with the lack of a January thaw and great snows in the first two months of 2009 have blessed the skiers and snowboarders with beautiful spring conditions all through March and into April. All in spite of the fact that Old Man Winter left the party early and Mother Nature only gave us rain (she must have been crying over his premature departure).


To check in on your favorite resort use this LINK
If you are looking for a goggle tan – now is the time. The areas that are still open are offering deep discounts. If you are still inclined to get turns in, right now is a great opportunity. I suggest visiting the websites or calling your chosen destination directly and working the phones to find out what the best deals available are for lodging, lift tickets, etc..
The sun is – and will be – soaking the slopes. The snow surfaces are corny and mashed potatoes. After a day of fun making turns hit the decks and grab something off of the grill, kick the boots off and relax.
Remember to bring your shades!
More soon,

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