Dermatone – Better Than a Face Mask

Throughout this season, I’m planning on occasionally sharing little ski related tips I’ve picked up over the years. None of them are earth shattering, but hopefully they can help you have a little more fun in the mountains, save a few bucks, or both.

I’d like to start off with something that lives in my pack and something that I used today to help stay warm while skinning in a snow storm: the Dermatone Facial Sunblock Stick. The thick, Vaseline like stuff that is Dermatone, gives you a little sun protection and helps prevent wind burn, frost bite, and chapped skin. By blocking the bite of the wind, it’ll make your face feel warmer and let you get by a little longer without one of those annoying neck gaiters.


Much to my chagrin, this particular type of Dermatone is tough to find. Perhaps it’s the funky smell, the way it makes your face feel oily, or the shape of the packaging, but for some reason shops don’t seem to carry this stuff. Regardless, it’s cheap, and if it prevents frost bite for you, consider it to have paid for itself. 


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