Exploring the woods of Mansfield

This is my favorite time of year to ski the woods of Vermont. Most people (understandably) stick to the 40 inch rule, but, if you’re light on your feet, it’s possible to score some great turns in the trees before the snow-pack is that thick. Here are a few photos I took last week while exploring the woods of Mt. Mansfield with Allen Taylor.

Allen, pondering his level of commitment to this run.


Lines like this one, that ski amazingly well later in the year, are pretty chancy in early December. Here’s Allen, inspecting a landing for me.


In another few weeks, these trees will be totally buried. For now though, thicketeering is the name of the game on the East Coast.


If you’re willing to overlook a few scratched bases, and some sticks in your teeth, you should be out there exploring the woods.

If you’d like to view more photos and a video from that day, they can be found Here.

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