Bond with your kids over Big Air


Simon Dumont (pictured here at his home hill, Sunday River) will look to defend his big air title at the X Games   this week.

not easy bonding with your teen these days. Finding a movie or music which
appeals to both generations is a challenge. So, may I present the X Games as a
fun family pastime?

week is the 14th season of the Winter X Games, televised from Aspen’s ButtermilkMountain. From Jan. 28-31,
you can watch everything from Shaun White flying like a tomato over the
halfpipe, to Maine
skier Simon Dumont defending his Big Air gold medal. Then there’s roller derby
on snow as racers rush over knolls, jumps and banked turns bumping each other
during the snowboarder cross (Maine’s Seth Wescott rules this event) and
skiercross. The mono skiercross – where amputee or paralyzed skiers compete on
the same, crazy course – is inspiring.


the X Games with my teens, I am amazed at how far skiing and snowboarding have
evolved, and how far young athletes are willing to huck themselves off super
pipes and jumps. For family fun, we try to name each trick according to the
trendy vocabulary that has developed along with the tricky terrain. My daughter
knows the difference between an alley-oop rodeo five and a 1080 switch McTwist.
Of course, we find watching the big wipe outs at the X Games entertaining too,
sorry – but it’s human nature.

grab some popcorn, a spot on the couch, and watch the exciting X Games with
your peeps. You will all get amped to go skiing next weekend, and you are
watching history in the making as young athletes push the sport to new levels.
Then tell your kids “don’t try this at home.” Just because you’re chillin’ with
your homies watching halfpipe doesn’t mean you have given up your parenting


 Snowboarder cross is a crazy crash course event featured at Aspen’s X Games.

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