A tale of two Vonns

Sports Illustrated’s Olympic preview issue came out this week, featuring a studio shot of U.S. ski racer Lindsey Vonn on the cover. Vonn posed for the cover without a helmet, in tuck position, and smiling at the camera. The magazine proclaimed her “America‘s Best Woman Skier Ever.” If we include freestyle in the conversation,

Donna Weinbrecht

might have something to say about that, but regardless…


The cover is drawing criticism in some circles of the ski media. Ski Magazine – which featured an action shot of Vonn on its recent Olympic preview cover even posed the question to its fans on Facebook yesterday: “Which is better: their staged shot of Vonn looking like a delicate snow bunny? Or our high-speed race shot of Vonn looking like the raging world beater she is?”


Fair question. So, which is it? You tell us.









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