Where is our snow? Where you been?

Well, here we go. By the end of the weekend, WashingtonD.C. will have gotten more snow this winter than Portland, Maine, a development increasingly frustrating New England skiers and riders who are itching for fresh powder. The conditions on Sunday will be better on Capitol Hill than at Blue Hills. Ouch.


Not to be selfish but, you know…where’s ours?


Well…where ya been? It’s been snowing pretty consistently this week in Vermont, where mountains like Stowe, Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, and JayPeak have freshened up nicely. Jay is reporting nearly two feet over the last week; Stowe is reporting anywhere from 17-27 inches, and they’ve got the pictures and accounts to prove it. Folks that have skied these spots the last few days have professed the best conditions of the season. Really.



Call it sneaky snow. Point is, we seem to suffering a classic case of backyard blues. Just because it’s not down here, doesn’t mean there isn’t fresh powder to find somewhere.


Of course, one of these blizzards the Mid-Atlantic seems prone to wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Check back next week on that one.

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