Mind the gap

By Sam Lozier, Boston.com Correspondent 

Ski blogger Sam Lozier is spending a chunk of this winter in Kashmir, India at Gulmarg.


One of my friend’s biggest objectives for the trip has been to jump a rather large gap that is directly behind the hotel up on Monkey Hill. The gap consists of a large stump for a takeoff, a storm water collection aqueduct to clear, and a steep landing that leads right up to the back door.



Matt Roon skinning up Monkey Hill.

After closely monitoring the snow accumulations during the last storm and manicuring the in-run to the stump several times, Wes was finally ready to hit the jump yesterday morning.  




 Wes Roon about to clear the gap jump.


A few deep breaths and a three-count later, he dropped straight into the lip, popped hard, and barely cleared the transition to the landing. His brother Matt, watching from above, dropped in right after and carried a bit more speed, allowing him a more generous margin of error and a big more hang time.  




All told, the jump got hit five spectacular times before we called it a day and went off to go ski powder.


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