Is this the big one?

This could be the one we’ve been waiting for.

Snow is on its way, and by the end of the week, we could be looking at anywhere from two to three feet in then mountains of northern New England. We’re just going to type that again because it’s making us giddy. Two to three feet.

The storm makes its way into New England beginning tomorrow, and the snow likely won’t let up until Friday, which should make skiing conditions about as good as they have been all season. There is the chance of some rain-snow mixture in southern areas, but northern areas should be looking at a jackpot.


Then again, having been wrong on the last two “big storms” to come our way the last fortnight, forecasters seem a little wary to definitively call anything on this one.

For more, here’s Matt Noyes’ streaming technical discussion, a very in-depth look by Famous Internet Skiers’ Lionel Hutz, and for all your vacation or convenient sick day planning needs.

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