Mancuso addresses relationship with Vonn

In an effort to quiet the increasing media portrayal of her icy relationship with U.S. Ski teammate Lindsey Vonn, Olympian Julia Mancuso took to Facebook last night, seemingly admitting that the two weren’t “friends,” per se, but were still supportive of each other.

The tension between the two was a topic of discussion yesterday – and continues to be pounded into the ground by NBC – when Vonn’s crash in the women’s giant slalom forced Mancuso to re-start 13 skiers later when course conditions had deteriorated.

Mancuso wrote early this morning:

I just want to share with everyone a little insight on the story about mine and Lindsey’s relationship. Here is a profile where Lindsey says “We’re friendly, but not friends” and you know what?? I don’t really care, Lindsey doesn’t really care.. I know I can speak for us both when I say we are both stoked when there… is an American on the podium, no matter who that is. Of course we both want to win.. but the truth is, everyone else seems to be more concerned about how we get along than we even think about it. We are all out there to ski fast and have fun. So save the drama for your mama!

Here’s the clip she’s speaking of from some years back.


Meanwhile, the two teammates will be featured on next week’s Sports Illustrated cover with fellow medalists Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht. I’m sure we can find a reason to wonder why they’re not standing next to each other.


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