Saying goodbye to Gulmarg

By Sam Lozier, Correspondent

Ski blogger Sam Lozier is spending a chunk of this winter in Kashmir, India at Gulmarg.

Gulmarg has been great over the last few weeks. There has been lots of  soft snow, mild weather, and stable conditions. Despite all the great things about Gulmarg, Allen and I have begun to plan the next portion of our time in India.


In a week or so, we’ll be ski touring, based out of Manali, in the KuluValley. Allen, Amit, and our new friend Rob, will pack up our things, say goodbye to the hotel staff that has taken such great care of us, and embark on a four-day cab ride from Gulmarg to Srinigar, Srinigar to Jammu, Jammu to Darmasala, and finally, Darmasala to Manali to see what we find.



Gulmarg is filled with highly-experienced world travelers and great skiers. Everyone that has been, recommended that we go to Manali. As Gulmarg starts to switch gears to spring season, and it starts to feel like we’ve skied most of what the mountain has to offer, Manali is starting to make a lot of sense.


Not just yet though. Gulmarg has a storm coming in tonight, and we’ll stick around for a little more powder. Then, this weekend, we head out for Manali. If the internet continues to be as unreliable as it has been, there is a good chance that my next update will be from one of the cities along the way.


I’ll have to see if the rumors are true, but what has captivated our attention about Manali are stories of huge mountains, steep terrain, stable snow (currently), very cheap accommodations, hot springs, and $5 motorcycle rentals for transportation around the valley. If even some of the rumors prove true, there is a good chance Manali may even outshine Gulmarg. We’ll make sure to keep you posted as we go.


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