The wet (blanket) forecast

So…yeah, the rain.


Hey, who knows what to expect at this point. Earlier this week, forecasters were calling for a washout all weekend, now Saturday seems like a solid ski day while Sunday will receive the brunt of the oncoming storm.


It still could be disastrous for some local ski areas, especially those with waning snow from last week’s spring-like temperatures. Earlier this week, Ski Bradford closed for the season, and it wouldn’t surprise many if a few others had to follow suit next week should this weekend’s storm put a major damper on the snow.



It appears that northern New England mountains may be somewhat spared this weekend, which is comforting, since they’re the ones we all hope to be skiing in April and beyond. NECN’s Tim Kelley suggests things may stay relatively dry from Stowe to Sugarloaf on Sunday.


That’s good news at least, but the forecast may be a bit grimmer for ski areas in Massachusetts, southern Vermont, and southern New Hampshire depending on strength of snowpack. One more storm would be nice to assure us that things are going to last well over the next seven weeks, however the prospect of one appears too far out to get any hopes up.

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