Spring skiing is here, but not to stay

Allen Shorts

For most devout skiers, spring is a bittersweet time of year. Casual skiers might be happy that yard work season is upon them, but for the hardcore crowd the end of winter is a bitter pill to swallow.  If you’re thinking about extending your season, spring is the best time of year to ski, and you’ve still got time left. 


As last week’s heat wave showed, this year spring seems to have sprung a little early, and resorts are starting to shut down. If you’re still skiing then I’ll be preaching to the choir here, but if you’ve hung up your planks for the season, consider pulling them out for a last hurrah. When the fall rolls around and you’re starting to feel the urge again, you won’t regret going out one last time in the spring when the weather was nice and the crowds were small. The tickets will be cheap, the beer cold, and the days warm and long; what’s not to love about riding lifts in spring? 

 I was on scene for Magic Mountain’s closing day last Saturday, and had a blast skiing corn with the locals. Magic is now closed, but a quick search around the internet reveals that Stowe, Jay, Killington, Wildcat, and many others will be open for at least another week (Jay says they’ll stay open into May) Get out and have fun on the snow while you still can.

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