April 28, 2010 – SNOW!

I had a great season skiing in India with Allen Taylor, but despite all the fun we had, something was missing. I’ve been skiing at Stowe for the last four years, and in that time the mountain has come to feel like home. I was pretty bummed that I’d missed out on skiing at Stowe this year when, out of nowhere, this freak storm swung through and hammered my favorite hill. Suddenly, all the pow I was sorry I’d missed was back in town.

After several phone calls back and forth, we decided on an early start, and prepared ourselves to hike until our legs didn’t work. Below is just a sample of what we found, the full trip report, is HERE.



I hope you got a chance to ski all this snow. We had to hike for it, but if you want to ride lifts, Jay and Sugarloaf are both still open and looking good.

If you’re interested you can read the full Trip Report and see many many more photos on the F.I.S. site HERE


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