Tucks, 60 years ago

The more things change…

If you’re into skiing history, check out this remarkable Flickr photo archive (hat tip to the folks at AlpineZone) via the late Nick DeWolf, the founder of Teradyne, who was apparently quite the photographer in his spare time. In this series of photos, DeWolf captures the feel of Tuckerman Ravine in the early 1950’s, and the images show it was every bit the playground that it remains today.

There’s vivid color and emotion in DeWolf’s photos (you can see almost 44,000 more of them taken in Boston and beyond here). Despite the fact that they were taken nearly 60 years ago, many the images seem contemporary, capturing the natural bond that has always existed between the generations when it comes to skiing. Equipment and clothing are ever-evolving; the passion for skiing in its natural habitat though will forever remain unchanged.


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