Powder envy, part two

Our correspondent Heather Burke sent in these photos from her family’s trip to Utah last week and upon my initial inspection, they surprisingly didn’t spark any sort of lack of skiing rage from deep within. I mean, sure, there’s Heather and her family knee-deep in Utah champagne powder, right around the same time it was 57 back East and I was breaking my back by ridding myself of a couple acres of leaves, all while trying to convince my father that, no, we didn’t need a turducken for dinner, but no, no jealousy.

OK, maybe a little.

Or, somewhat insanely jealous.

But rest easy, snow is indeed on the way. On Facebook last night, Killington linked to the 7-day forecast for the area and deemed it to be “sexy.”

Ah, that old Vermont sexy snow. Bring it. Shambala indeed.


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