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Leave it to the Swedes to discern that skiing doubles your lung capacity. A Mid Sweden University study found that active skiers, particularly seniors, have twice the oxygen uptake capacity of those who do not ski. This study tested Swedish skiers, some of whom were over 90 years old, and showed that the maximum capacity for oxygen was twice as great among seniors who skied in the Scandinavian country. 

After being out West last week skiing at over mile-high elevations, I concur that skiing can give your lungs a legit workout. My mom still skis at…sorry can’t disclose. It’s fun to have three generations carving up the groomers together.


So next time you are headed to the slopes with the family, make it multi-generational. A ski trip is a better plan than visiting your folks in Florida; neutral mountain territory should mean no turf wars and less tension than having the kids splash the elders in the retirement community pool. So bring Grandma and Grampa on your next family ski trip, and you will all breathe a little easier.

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