Run me out in the cold rain and snow

OK, who got what?

While the latest winter storm to hit New England created an epic headache for commuters desperately trying to make it the Boston area, it made for great skiing conditions yesterday, particularly at northern interior areas that were able to escape the dreaded mix. And for those who sat in yesterday’s nightmare traffic, here’s a little tidbit to ponder: I had a friend who made it from his home in Sudbury to his job in Newton in 2 hours, 45 minutes.

My trip yesterday morning to Sunday River from Foxborough? Three hours, 45 minutes.

I think the lesson is clear. You should have been skiing.


There are 10 inches of new snow today at the River, and if it’s anything like the fluffy flakes falling there yesterday afternoon, it’s going to be one sick day at the Newry, Maine resort. Most trails yesterday skied like soft velvet in the early part of the afternoon, when a more steady snow began to fall. And while there were a few scratchy spots in between some nice powder bumps on trails like Tin Woodsman, you have to imagine those are filled in nicely as of this morning. Further to the north, Sugarloaf reports 10 inches of new snow, and Saddleback received seven inches, 29 over the last week.

Jackpot snow totals also hit New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley, a region thirsty for some natural snow. Last weekend, the bare ground in North Conway was more reminiscent of October rather than January. And while the area did see a tail-end of wet precipitation, Wildcat’s Facebook status this morning announces it received “sweet cream, no crust” in Pinkham Notch.

It also snowed in Vermont. Broken record.

This time though, the areas in the southern part of the state got more of a hit from the wet mix that ended the day in Massachusetts. While that didn’t help places like Magic Mountain open for the day (the cash-strapped mountain only opens on weekdays if snow totals reach six inches or higher), the cement-like snow should help form a nice base. Places like Sugarbush are expecting another few inches to fall through the day today.


More could be on the way this weekend. Stay tuned. For complete new snow totals from yesterday’s storm, click here

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