Frigid temperatures forecast for the slopes

Yes, it’s going to be cold this weekend. New England in winter. Go figure. 

Highs in the region tomorrow are expected to be around 12-13 degrees on average. If we hit 3 degrees on Sunday, we should consider ourselves lucky. 
Still if you’re going to brave skiing and riding this weekend, you’re going to find superb conditions throughout much of New England. Many mountains saw double-digit snowfalls during the week, and today’s champagne powder is the perfect cherry. Forecasts suggest southern Vermont, Masachusetts, Connecticut (another Sundown powder day?), and Rhode Island will be hit the hardest with as much of a foot of snow, though we’re liking the reports this morning out of the Mount Washington Valley, where Cranmore, Wildcat, and Attitash all seem on their way to a new 7-8 inches. In Vermont, Stratton is reporting five inches overnight with 2-4 more expected today. New Hampshire’s Gunstock is expecting seven inches to fall throughout the day, and in northern Maine, Saddleback and Sugarloaf are expecting something in the five-inch range. 
Face it, after last winter’s drought, we deserve this. We can even handle non-skiers whining about constant snowfall. Well, almost. Our gold is their kryptonite. 
Oh, and you may want to keep it from them for now, for there’s always the chance they’ll clear Stop and Shop of bread and milk by Sunday, but we could be in for another big storm next week. Keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

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