Potential blizzard on tap for next week?

Another snowstorm is out of the way, and now that everyone has once again shoveled out, we can all….wait, what?

Yes, another storm, termed a potential blizzard by Accuweather’s Alex Sosnowski, could be on tap for Monday and Tuesday of next week for the Northeast. It remains too soon to predict how the models will unfold, but that probably won’t stop Boston from cancelling Tuesday’s classes sometime by the end of today. 

According to Sosnowski, snow will first fall over part of the Rockies and Plains this weekend, before a southern storm tries to take over. That will determine how much snow falls in the Midwest.

As for what it means for the Northeast, Sosnowski writes:

As the storm rolls to the Atlantic Coast Monday night and Tuesday, it will encounter, for the first time, a frigid high pressure system over New England.

The storm could successfully attack the high spreading heavy snow and potentially blizzard conditions northward into the Northeast. Another possibility is that a moderate to heavy snowfall/wintry mix escape through parts of Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas and then heads out to sea because the dry, cold air is deeply entrenched.

These questions for the Midwest, South and East will be answered as the weekend progresses as the storm is still days away.

So, yeah. More snow. Skiers rejoice. Everyone else, carry on with your grumbling.


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