From New England to Bella Coola, heli-skiing in British Columbia


Greeting from Bella Coola, British Columbia. Never heard of it? That’s one of many reasons this heli-ski operation is so special. We are amid 2.6 million acres of vast alpine terrain midway between Vancouver and Alaska for a week of heli skiing, and we have had two days of flying into the magnificent mountains, skiing amazing slopes, just four of us with our guide, and our helicopter pilot as our private ski chauffeur.

The ride in the chopper over the jagged peaks, blazing through 9,000-foot mountain ravines, is as wild as the terrain. We have skied everything from open powder bowls, to chutes and pillow drops amid Bella Coola Heli Sport’s exclusive tenure which is larger than the Swiss Alps.



Heli-skiing comes with its ups and downs literally; there are no-fly days when visibility and wind prevent the helicopter flights. So we enjoy the fireplace in the beautiful Tweedsmuir Lodge in the company of our new heli-ski friends from California to Austria. The Chef, masseuse, sommelier, and staff see to our every whim.

Stay tuned for more powder reports from the Pacific Coast of British Columbia and our heli-ski adventure.

Photos by Greg Burke For more of Heather’s family ski tips go to

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